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Doctor Mirza Azizul Hoque Doctor Mirza Azizul Hoque Verified

MBBS, M.Phil (Endoc), MD (Medicine)_x000D_ Designation :Consultant_x000D_ Expertise :Diabetes & Endocrine_x000D_ Organization:Popular Diagnostic Ce

Doctor Md. Titu Miah Doctor Md. Titu Miah Verified

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)_x000D_ Designation :Assistant Professor_x000D_ expertise :Medicine_x000D_ Organization:Dhaka Medical College & Hospital

Doctor Md. Taslim Uddin Doctor Md. Taslim Uddin Verified

MBBS, FCPS _x000D_ Designation :Associate Professor_x000D_ Expertise :Physical Medicine_x000D_ Organization:Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical Univer

Doctor Md. Selimuzzaman Doctor Md. Selimuzzaman Verified

MBBS, DCH, MD (Paediatrics) (DU)_x000D_ Designation :Associate Professor, Neonatal & Child Specialist_x000D_ Expertise :Child - Pediatric_x000D_ Or

Doctor Md. Saul Alam Doctor Md. Saul Alam Verified

MBBS, FCPS, MS ( Ped. )_x000D_ Designation :Associate Professor & Head, Dpeartment of Pediatric Surgery_x000D_ Expertise :Pediatric Surgeon

Doctor Professor Md. Ruhul Amin Doctor Professor Md. Ruhul Amin Verified

MBBS, FCPS (Paediatrics), Pediatric Pulmonology ( Fellow - UK)_x000D_ Designation :Professor of Paediatrics_x000D_ Expertise :Child - Pediatric_x00

Doctor Md. Rafiqul Alam Doctor Md. Rafiqul Alam Verified

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD(Chest)_x000D_ Designation :Assistant Professor Expertise :Chest, Asthma & Medicine_x000D_ Organization:Bangabandhu Sheikh