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Doctor Saumitra Sarker Doctor Saumitra Sarker Verified

MBBS, MS ( Neuro Surgery )_x000D_ Designation :Assistant Professor_x000D_ Expertise :Neurosurgeon_x000D_ Organization:Mymensingh Medical College &

Doctor Sarwar Iqbal Doctor Sarwar Iqbal Verified

MBBS, MD ( Nephrology )_x000D_ Designation :Associate Professor_x000D_ Expertise :Kidney ( Nephrology )_x000D_ Organization:BIRDEM & Ibrahim Medica

Doctor S.A. Nurul Alam ( Aga ) Doctor S.A. Nurul Alam ( Aga ) Verified

MBBS, Ph.D, Fellow Physicians for Peace ( USA )_x000D_ Designation :Consultant & Head, Department of Vasculr Surgery_x000D_ Expertise :Vascular Sur

Doctor S. F. Nargis Doctor S. F. Nargis Verified

MBBS, FCPS, MS _x000D_ Designation :Assistant Professor, Gyne. & Obs._x000D_ Expertise :Gynecology & Obstetrics_x000D_ Organization:Sir Salimullah

Doctor S. A. Khan Doctor S. A. Khan Verified

MBBS, FCPS, MS (Urology) Urologist & Transplant Surgeon_x000D_ Designation :Director, Popular Medical College & Hospital Expertise :Urology - Renal

Doctor Q. Tarikul Islam Doctor Q. Tarikul Islam Verified

MBBS, FCPS, FACP (USA), FRCP_x000D_ Designation :Professor of Medicine_x000D_ Expertise :Medicine_x000D_ Organization:Dhaka Medical College & Hospi

Doctor Professor Omar Ali Doctor Professor Omar Ali Verified

MBBS, FCPS, FICS ( USA ), WHO Fellow in Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgery ( Thailand ) _x000D_ Designation :Professo & Head, Depatment of Surgery_x

Doctor Nirmalendu Bikash Bhowmik Doctor Nirmalendu Bikash Bhowmik Verified

MBBS, MD ( Neorology )_x000D_ Designation :Associate Professor, Department of Neurology_x000D_ Expertise :Neuromedicine_x000D_ Organization:BIRDEM